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The Missing Truth…

December 6th, 2018

No, I’m not your teacher… Nor am I designed to be. The things that come from your being, simply disagree with me.

I would hate to have to tell you something serious, as in a real truth, because the only thing you’d see is the spinach on my tooth.

Trite, a bit, shallow, as sh@t. Not accustomed to the volume of my voice. Not comfortable when, and I say when, I choose to make a choice.

Yet you, you want to continue to lavish us with condescending kisses. The are brutal, heavy, but mostly smooth so we don’t see you dismiss us.

We are nothing to your world, your wonderful world of selfish gems. Do all that you can to make believe, do all you can to play pretend.

The time will come, yes it is shortened when your decisions will be fluid. Not being able to lean on the lie that another made you do it.

Take it raw, and take it deep, for it’s your own life on the line. After all, that’s all that you’ll have left since you don’t think much of mine.

So with this truth, this truth with you I was so willing to share. Now, I’ll have to share it with the world… because you simply do not care.

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