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Say What You Ought to Say

November 23rd, 2018 · Comments

Some people want us to speak so that they can listen… really listen.

Sometimes the same people want us to speak so that they can say their piece. Other people simply don’t care to have an exchange with us at all.

In John Mayer’s hit 2006 song, “Say what you need to say,” it offers a pretty moving melody that urges us to open our mouths. Great song. Great idea. With this idea however comes the truth that when we do open our mouths and say what we need to say, (Assuming that what we say needs to be heard), we will be challenged to say it some more, and then again.

At some point we’ll be asked to give arguments to support it, reasoning. Even further into it we might be asked to write a book, perhaps speak on the subject in the public sphere if we haven’t already. We’ll be asked to take our words and align them with some greater cause or bigger purpose. We will or we won’t, with or without compensation.

And then it will come.... 

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